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Is it wrong that I can read a story about a girl being raped, and still give it merit for its writing style?
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What can I say? I got bored :-)

Theirs is a story of forbidden love.

Katherine Hartford (Jodie Foster, Flight Plan) is a 29-year-old Lawyer, whose caseload is almost solely comprised of pedophiles and child molesters. But when she meets Jessica (Kristen Stewart, The Safety of Objects, Catch That Kid), a 15-year-old girl with a passion for law and older women, she is forced to rethink her career and the way she views her clients. As she falls fast and hard for Jess, Katherine must decide which is more important: work or love.

Not coming to any cinemas anywhere near you ever, the heartwarming tale 'Lesbian Pedophile: A Love Story'.

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And the more I watch Sports Night, the more I feel a Dana/Natalie 'ship coming on.
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I just completed my very first entire run-through of every Buffy episode ever made.

I've now seen every episode, and it's actually made me really sad. Well, sad in a way. I don't really know what to feel. There are never going to be any new episodes. Anya is gone (which I knew was going to happen but it's so much more real, and hits you so much more when you know every piece of backstory there is to know). We'll never get to see Willow and Kennedy's home-made pornos (which is the one thing that kills me more than all else). Faith had sex with not just a MAN (she was MEANT to be a dyke), but a school PRINCIPAL, and an ugly one at that. Buffy and Faith will never be together, except in my dreams - and in the fanfiction of half the worlds population.

I have mixed feelings about the fact that it's really over. I know most other people went through this stage a few years ago, but this is new to me. It'll take time to deal with.
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My life, at this point in time, revolves around a few very simple things. There are, of course, other things in my world, but the main ones are the ones that mean the most to me RIGHT NOW. They are the 3 F's. )
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C'mon people! The only thing anyone is writing at the Flyfic site is Jayne/Simon. Not that that isnt a quite legitimate (and sometimes nicely erotic) pairing, its just that NOBODY is writing good Kaylee fics...whether that be Kaylee/Inara, or Kaylee/River. I dont mind either way but it just doesnt seem like there is enough good Kaylee fic out there. C'mon people, do your bit to help my life be a little more bearable. Gimme the sexy fics!
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This Firefly/Serenity Fanfic site just started up. It takes all pairings and all genres within the Firefly/Serenity 'verses, so if you write (or even just read), please join up so we can get some good fics happening for the nice young lady who owns the site :)

Pretty please?

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