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2 things, just quickly.

1. On my way to Gladstone for my niece's christening. Yay*.

*Please note sarcasm.

Although it does require me to wear a suit, which I'm totally down with.

2. MY LEGEND OF THE SEEKER SEASON 2 DVD'S CAME. AND WHEN I SAW HOW PRETTY AND SHINY THEY WERE, I NEARLY DID TOO. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. So, since I was already packed and ready to go, I watched Torn, Hunger and Princess and I giggled and squealed at it on our 60 inch TV.


Now I can vid it, yay*!!!

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Legend of the Seeker Season 2 is out on DVD today!

If you like hot, powerful women being sassy and taking down big strapping men like nobody's business - well, I would suggest you click on over to Save Our Seeker's Store or LotS on Amazon and buy it! Amazon is offering $15 off for anyone ordering Seasons 1 and 2 together, so get your copy today and do a little something to show how much support the show has.

Oh, and I guess there's a dude with a sword too?
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JFC. What a waste of time and money. I called up to make an appointment with my psych, and the receptionist is already on the phone with someone. Can I hold? Yeah, sure, why not. 20 Minutes later I'm still holding. I hang up and call back from the home phone now that I'm home. Explain the situation. 'Oh no, everyone in that office is with someone right now and have been for a while, I'll get someone to call you back.'


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im never drinking again.
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Legend of the Seeker is a mighty awesome show.

So I wrote a song about it.

If you'd like to take a listen, you can download it here.

Lyrics under the cut. )


Please enjoy! And if you like it, share it around!

(And a big thankyou to [livejournal.com profile] jarrow for putting me out of my misery with that line that just wasn't happening :P)
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My BFF [livejournal.com profile] jarrow has just bestowed upon me (and the rest of the interwebs) a work of art. He is in deep, deep love with Landry/Tyra from Friday Night Lights and has made the most beautiful vid to prove it.

'Songs For A Girl' is 3 vids rolled into one. Three bittersweet vids that made my heart ache for characters I knew absolutely nothing about. I also downloaded the first 3 seasons of Friday Night Lights based solely on this vid, so you know it has to be good.

Go and find it at his journal, here, and leave him a comment and tell him what you think - comments are too few and far between, and are gold to a vidder. Show him some love.
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So. This thing happened where I made a vid. I kind of really hope other people don't think it's terrible.

Vid: "The River Flows In You"
Artist: Yiruma
Fandom: Fingersmith
Summary: Sue/Maud. It's sweet. It's fluffy. It's pretty girls falling in love.
Download: 60.2 MB - Sendspace
Streaming: Youtube

Vid will permanently be available at [livejournal.com profile] jarrow's website. Please use the sendspace link until it expires for tracking purposes and as a courtesy to those who provide him free webspace.

A big, huge, MONSTROUS thank-you to [livejournal.com profile] jarrow who spent countless hours on Skype teaching me what to do, being a totally awesome beta (I know I told you I hated your face a lot during this process, but it was totally in a good 'my vid will be better if I just shut up and do as he says' kind of way!), giving me a permanent place to put my vid, and for all the other cheerleading, both vid related and non-vid related, over the last couple of months. You're totally my hero.
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I'm still very much not over the post-convention depression, but I'm getting there. A really lovely and therapeutic email session is helping, and so is the knowledge that I've gained so much out of my trip, including some very important new friends.

Also, my impending foray back into vidding is giving me something to look forward to sharing with everyone next year. Plans are already in the works to return, and that has certainly brightened my mood considerably :)

I hope everyone is doing well.
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My love for the not-so-ancient art of email writing knows no bounds.
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I’m on the flight home right now, and this is my second attempt at trying to write down how I’m feeling. My first attempt started to feel like I was writing for the sole purpose of being read, and I realise now that I would rather write to get these emotions out, readability be damned.

It was really hard for me to leave Elaine and Maia’s house this afternoon. I wanted so badly just to say I’d decided not to leave. I felt myself looking longingly and painfully at the front door as I stood by the car, and no amount of Fall Out Boy on the drive in could take my mind off the conflicting feelings of heaviness and emptiness in my chest.

I’ve made a point to surround myself with reminders of the people that make up the central hub of my new Chosen Family. The small bottle of red wine sitting open on my tray table feels like a good choice, a reminder of Ju and her willingness to share with me. My brand new copy of Wizard’s First Rule sits on the chair beside me, a reminder of Elaine’s commitment to making sure I got the best out of this trip. And Kahlan (netbook, not confessor) the only reminder I need for bonding time with Maia.

I really wish I was better at expressing these things. As I sit here trying to find a way to get out everything I feel like I need to say, I’ve got tears in my eyes. I’m not generally one to cry easily, and I really don’t like giving up that control, but when something hits me this hard, I don’t have the luxury of making that choice. The tears will come whether I want them to or not.

I’m always tempted to relate my experiences back to music or lyrics, and the opening lines of one of my favourite songs, ‘Franklin’ by Paramore, explains what I’m thinking perfectly:

“And when we get home,
I know we won’t be home at all;
This place we live,
It is not where we belong.”

If I were to be completely honest, I’d admit to thinking that feeling like this is kind of silly. I’ve always experienced post-convention depression and I’ve come to expect it by now, but this time is different. I found something in this group of people that I’ve been searching a long time to find. The love, understanding, compassion, acceptance and respect I felt from everyone made more of a difference to me than I can fully explain or comprehend.

I’m not used to being treated like I’m just as important as everyone else. I’m not used to having people actively trying to meet my needs. For most of my life I have found myself being skipped over and left out, and even just having people assert my own importance to me, however awkward it may have been for me to hear at the time, really made a difference to how I see myself.

All of you have given me something I never expected to get out of this trip. You’ve given me the opportunity to be myself, and not only be accepted for that, but loved for it. I couldn’t ask for more than that. And that’s only one of the many reasons it’s so hard for me to leave.

I know what I’m going home to. And while I love my family and friends, they don’t get me in the way that everyone I have met this weekend does.

I know I’ll be back. I know I’ll be welcomed. I know I’ll feel the same way when it comes time to leave again. But I feel like the friendships that I’ve started building this time around are worthwhile and meaningful. I can only hope that that feeling is shared.

I’m going to miss everyone deeply.
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All my Australian slashers - where you gonna be at?!

Come see me play at Slashcon 2010!

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I was fortunate enough to get to be a part of an album recently called Acoustika Vol 20. My song 'Old Guitar' caught the attention of 272 Records in the States and I'm now on a compilation CD selling worldwide. I know money is tight for most, but if you enjoy finding new and wonderful music and have a few bucks to spare, there are some great tracks on the album. And it's only US$9.99 + shipping.


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I'm not big on words. So this is a completely ridiculous parody I wrote to explain the album details. Also, at the end there is more information about the American release of the CD and a thank you to the American fans.

If you want the flashy album post of awesomeness, go here.

You want more details? Leave me a comment here, drop me a line at jb-cd-sales@hotmail.com or contact me through my website.
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After a gruelling recording schedule and many coffee-fueled days (and nights), my debut album Forget to Breathe is almost here! The tracks will range from acoustic to hard rock, with a mix of new songs, and some of your old favourites. A release date is yet to be set, but should be scheduled for late October/early November.


Pre-orders are now being taken, with the added perk of having your copy of the album mailed to you a week prior to the release date. CD's are AU$17 + postage, and are available worldwide. To secure your copy, email jb-cd-sales@hotmail.com with your name, shipping address, order quantity, and payment method. At this time, only Paypal and Bank Transfer are available. Once your order is received, a confirmation email will be sent with details on how to make your payment.

FOR BANDOM FANS, there may be a limited edition double CD set in the works. This will consist of the standard edition album, plus a 3-track bonus CD single containing my 3 bandom songs, 'OTP', 'Pint-Sized Romeo', and 'Boy in the Trucker Cap'. For more information on either the standard edition or limited edition, email jb-cd-sales@hotmail.com

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I've been sick for 2 weeks with a severe cold and bronchitis. Thankfully, I can talk again and it's all just about gone. Anywho, that's not why I'm here.

I've somehow got myself back onto a lesbian film kick. In the last 3 days I have watched the following movies:

An Unexpected Love: Actually not a bad film. I actually found Wendy Crewson attractive for the first time. The story was slightly predictable but the characters were likable, and I enjoyed the humour. The sex scene, for me, seemed a little off - there was nothing 'wrong' with it, it just seemed a little lacklustre, and was very tame. Overall though, an enjoyable watch, and I'd see it again.

Desert Hearts: A really sweet film. I loved the dynamics of the wild, openly lesbian Cay, and the straight, uptight, yet still kind of liberal Vivian. I loved the fact that the ending was hopeful instead of the usual *gay character dies or returns to being straight* storyline. The dialogue is witty and the sex scene is very tender. The cast of The L Word were made to watch this film before filming, to show them the right way to shoot a love scene. Too bad TLW cast didn't always do as good a job.

Go Fish: What to say about this one. Guinevere Turner was cute. The love interest, not so much. In fact GT is pretty much the only attractive person in the entirety of the movie. The storyline was alright, but it was a little artsy for my taste. It was all in black and white (which I don't mind, but it really does nothing for the movie) and there were many irrelevant bits and pieces that I just didn't get. Either I'm just stupid or those scenes were pointless and unnecessary.

Mango Kiss: The characters bordered on ridiculous most of the time, but the underlying message I think was very relevant. Again, not heavy on the hot, but the main couple's neighbour (a sort of 50's homemaker rip-off) was cute. Interesting at least, but kind of over the top.

The Celluloid Closet: A documentary about the history of homosexuality in film. Informative and, in places, quite moving. If you have any interest in the subject at all, I would recommend it. Also gave me more respect for Shirley Maclaine for her views on the way lesbianism was handled in The Children's Hour.

The Children's Hour: This was released in 1961. It deals with the way two women's lives are destroyed when a spiteful student at the school they run together spreads rumours that the two are lovers. A pivotal scene from this movie plays in a theatre in the beginning of another lesbian themed movie, If These Walls Could Talk 2, which is how I came to want to see it. Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine were both brilliant in this film and even though it was a saddening tale, it was well-made for that time period and definitely one I would see again.

The Sex Monster: From one extreme to another. This movie is purely for laughs. A man convinces his wife to introduce another woman into the bedroom and she ends up liking the results a little too much. Hilarity ensues. At least the first time you watch it. I saw this movie a few years ago and decided to see it again, but it was nowhere near as good the second time around. Still, if you want some lighthearted lesbianism, it's not bad.

Two Girls And A Baby: An Australian 'film', if you can call it that. It's only 23 minutes long. About a lesbian couple from Melbourne trying to have a baby together. If they fleshed the story out and made it into a feature length movie, it might actually be worth watching, but too much was missed out for my liking. You can't pack enough story into 23 minutes for this kind of subject matter. However, points for having Claudia Karvan play a lesbian.

So, uhh. I didn't actually intend to review them all, but there you go. Eight Movies, three days. I still have an entire list of movies to get through but I'm downloading as I go. The ones I already have that I'm yet to watch are: Bound (yes I know I should have seen this by now), Heavenly Creatures, Red Doors, Same Sex Parents, and Serving In Silence. Also, a couple of gay movies, Milk, and Big Eden.

If anyone has any recommendations that I should add to my list or see right away, I'd love to hear about them. Obviously these aren't the only ones I've seen, in fact I have quite the collection, but I'll eventually get around to reviewing every one I've seen.

Anyway, happy Pride month to all in Brisbane and San Fransisco, and wherever else people may happen to be celebrating Pride right now.

New Song

May. 27th, 2009 09:04 am
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Hey guys, it's been a while. But that's because I've been working hard to bring you NEW MUSIC! Okay, so just one new song recorded so far, but it's progress. This is a teaser for my new song 'Back To You'. It's been described as "Evanescence-esque...without the Amy Lee". I don't know if that's a good thing.

Anywho, there will be more teasers to come as new material gets recorded, along with some old favourites, and an album is finally on the horizon. And if this particular song isn't your cup of tea, ride the wave with me baby, there will be something for everyone!

Check it out and let me know what you think, then send it to everyone you know. The more people interested, the harder I'm going to work :)

ETA. Don't trust them, they're liars. There's no full song to listen to, just the teaser :P
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Sorry I keep getting so behind on this LJ-ing thing. I *am* still reading and paying attention, I've just been a little busy to stop and comment. I'll do it where I can though.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 11:27 am
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1. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2. Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.
3. Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

From [livejournal.com profile] notpiecebypiece I got Tara from Buffy, Mal from Serenity, and Rory from The Gilmore Girls.

Think you know me well enough to guess my answers? Come on over and find out! )
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A mountain in the middle of the cabins.
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I know I've been posting a fair bit lately with new videos, so I'm sorry if you're all getting bored or sick of me. But here we are.

Another video. This time, it's my cover of 'Good Mother' by Jann Arden (Jay Brannan style).

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