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My sunburn was actually MORE painful today. I went out with my mum and sister and we had lunch with 2 of my old friends. They're coming around tonight just after midnight because they both had to work. I'm almost always up until the wee hours so thats fine by me. I've told them a little about John so now I'm apparently obligated to play them his parodies, and show them the opening to the tape he made me because they are curious to see what he looks/sounds like.

So after lunch I had my optometrist appointment, and my mum bought me a new pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses. I've never had the sunglasses before but they'll definitely come in handy for while I'm on the motorbike. Sun glare can be very dangerous on the bike. So anyway, I should have those sent out to me within a week, and I'm excited. I didn't have a lot of frames to choose from, but I got a couple I really liked. And Doug (my optometrist) was in a really good mood today and gave me my normal glasses cheaper than they should have been, AS WELL as giving me my sunglasses for just $60 MORE!! That's phenomenal. I love that guy. He smells nice too. No comment.

Well, I'm blistering pretty bad and it doesn't look like it'll be easing off too much in time for Christmas Day. I think maybe I WILL be getting drunk and passing out. Good times. It's a good thing I came to see my family because if it was anybody else I was going to see I would have been so pissed off about getting so badly burnt. But it's my family. They're taking care of me as best they can and they feel bad that I got like this coming to see them. I may be in an immense amount of pain, but, truth be told, I'd put up with that pain anyday if it was for my family. The consequence of having to deal with the pain is nothing compared to the payoff of getting to be with them for a while.

What can I say? That's love.
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I made the 7 hour motorbike ride up to my parents house today. Being so hot here, I didn't wear my motorbike jacket for fear of passing out from the heat. I used LOADS of sunscreen and reapplied like a bitch, but it didn't help. My arms, from my knuckles almost to the shoulder, as well as my legs from the knee down, are burnt BAD. I mean BAD. It's literally painful to move. I fear I may be spending Christmas Day sitting in one position getting drunk to block out the pain, but with any luck this gel stuff (for burns and sunburn) will help enough to make me at least half comfortable by then. I'm wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt for the trip home obviously. There's no way I would be able to work in this state, never mind the fact that I feel like I want to kill myself it's so painful. I thought I was being a good boy, using senscreen (I usually wouldn't have even bothered), but I guess that shit just doesn't work.

I also go to the optometrist tomorrow to get my eyes tested. That may also be slightly challenging in my current immobile state. But I'm SERIOUSLY due for new glasses. I'll be ecstatic to finally have some new ones when I get them in a couple weeks time.

Anyway, since me hands are burnt it's getting quite painful to type, I'm going to put some gel on and pass out.

I'm so happy you liked your song, John. I don't write just for the sake of writing, I can only write when something inspires me deeply. So you should feel wonderful about the fact that you've become my inspiration. Enjoy the song, it's all for you, buddy.

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