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How much am I in love with the show Heroes?!

Oh yeah...*holds arms out as wide as they can go*


It's seriously awesome. AND...Hayden Panettiere! As a cheerleader!! Again!!! Also, I like Milo Ventimiglia a lot more in this show than I ever did in Gilmore Girls. Cause let's face it - in GG, I HATED HIM.

But no, seriously. WATCH IT.

I would also like to direct your attention to the PRETTY icon I made of Hayden as Claire -

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And in true "every terrible movie needs a terrible sequel" fashion, here it is, ladies and gents.

Lesbian Pedophile: The Sequel.

This is the story of a sheltered teenage girl, and the crush that leads her onto a path of self-discovery. Emma is 15 years old, and still her conservative parents hire a sitter to watch her while they are out of town. Harmless fun soon turns to passion as the two get close in ways they never imagined they would.

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Somebody please take away my editing privileges...
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I just finished watching the 2nd episode of season 2 of South of Nowhere. OK. So, Ashley was a bitch for a great deal of the episode (only to Kyla and Aiden, not to Spencer), but there was a kiss that totally made up for it. Seriously, that kiss should have its own spin-off. It was Teh Cute. So, I'm totally grateful to the people who keep putting the episodes up on the Spencer & Ashley forum so soon after they air. I thought I was going to have to wait another few months until I could download them, but thanks to the wonderful folks over at the forum, there's no need for that.

Aside from that (I know this is like the third post today but whatever) I've decided to recap the icons I have made so far. There are only 20 so I put them all together. 5 of them were actually animated, but I just used the first image in the sequence for the collage.

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I have actually made 2 more, a Chad Michael Murray icon for my sister (it says 'The Chad' hehe) and a Mary Kate Olsen one for my brothers fiance, but I don't have copies of those. Wish I had a copy of the Chad one though, for some reason the way I designed it reminds me of an old blue Cadillac. But anyway.

I'm tired and I wanna go to sleep.
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What can I say? I got bored :-)

Theirs is a story of forbidden love.

Katherine Hartford (Jodie Foster, Flight Plan) is a 29-year-old Lawyer, whose caseload is almost solely comprised of pedophiles and child molesters. But when she meets Jessica (Kristen Stewart, The Safety of Objects, Catch That Kid), a 15-year-old girl with a passion for law and older women, she is forced to rethink her career and the way she views her clients. As she falls fast and hard for Jess, Katherine must decide which is more important: work or love.

Not coming to any cinemas anywhere near you ever, the heartwarming tale 'Lesbian Pedophile: A Love Story'.

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I just finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. And I watched the film with my mum for about the 8th time last night.

Like most other novels-turned-film, there were a lot of things that were left out of the movie, and some parts of the story were completely different. Ages, timelines, the way certain events took place, who was there when different things happened. Anyway, I was impressed by the novel nonetheless. It made me feel happy when they were happy, sad when they were sad, and nervous as a schoolboy with a crush during any Idgie/Ruth moments. That ability to invoke emotion is definitely one of the most important things I look for in a book, and this one most certainly delivered.

I'm still pushing through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but next on my reading list just has to be Fingersmith. I watched it again the other night while my mum was playing around on the computer and by about 10 minutes in she had to come watch it with me. She was hooked. So I wouldn't mind reading the novel just to see what it's like. I'm sure I'll love it.

Also, I watched Catch That Kid on TV the other night and I was kind of impressed. It was a cool movie. Jennifer Beals is not entirely what I would call a great actor, but at least she didn't annoy me. And from this experience came Actress Crush #323545654745: Kristen Stewart.

Yes folks, I know she's only 16, but I only have the mentality of a 16 year old so it's ok. Promise. Plus, she plays a lot of tomboyish roles. It's cute. Look at the pretty...

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And I made a shiny new icon out of it (and I also made the shiny Serenity one I'm using at this very second)...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The words aren't meant to be legible, but they say 'I got cute to spare - Kristen Stewart'. It isn't a quote from her, just something I thought about her when I was making the icon. 'Cause, hello?!

Anyway, I'm in the icon making mood now so this pedophile boy is off to make him some pretty new ones, featuring Miss Kristen.
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Here are the 3 latest icons I've made:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

I love me some Sean Maher. When he isn't making out with my girfriend that is. He needs to keep his creepy hands off my Jewel (as opposed to my Family Jewels...those he can touch if he wants to).

AND OMG - I wish I could go to the convention Elisabeth Rohm is going to be attending. Why, oh, why don't I live in the States?!
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I so rock. I just made myself this O.C. icon.

I was annoyed by the fact that as soon as the lesbian relationship started going somewhere...uh...it stopped. But now I'm just happy I got a sweet icon out of it :-)
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Me and Kate - My OTP

It is official. I ROCK.

And oh, how I love her...*sigh*
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I know, I know...you're probably bored of these already. But these 2 are the last ones I'll show off I promise. The first:

Icon by James-Nicholas

And one of my personal favourites:

Icon by James-Nicholas

BOOBIES!! And more importantly - EMMA WATSON BOOBIES!!

Uh, yeah. I'm going to leave now before I get arrested.
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So...here's another:

Icon by James-Nicholas

I really have a thing for the lighting effects and text layering...

Don't mind me...I'm just enjoying myself, learning something new.
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This post is to celebrate my first official* icon ever. I guess it really isn't anything special, but it's an accomplishment for me considering I taught myself how to navigate the program while teaching myself how to make icons. So here it is:

Icon by James-Nicholas

I still really have no idea what I'm doing, but it's getting easier. For now I'm pretty pleased with myself :-)

*While I did make the Hermione display pic I'm using, it took me about 10 minutes and has almost no formatting to speak of - so I say it doesn't count. And what I say goes :-P

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