Mar. 2nd, 2006

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SO. Here's the good news. The L Word Season 2 just started airing here. AFTER WE WAITED OVER A FUCKING YEAR FOR IT.

Here's the bad news. I have APPARENTLY been getting overpaid for 3 WEEKS at work. Now I have to pay back almost $500. Also, I will no longer be on and average of $500 a week, but will now be earning an average of $380 a week. And in 2 weeks time when Matt and Rick move to Cairns, ONE THIRD of my weekly wage will be going towards rent. On top of that, I'm paying off a motorbike, a guitar and an amp, have to buy testosterone and food (T is much more important than food obviously), and try to save for chest surgery so maybe I'll be able to afford it - IN SIX YEARS.

And don't even get me started on how the hell I'm supposed to finance my convention in May now...

When I was told all this today, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to cry like a little bitch or beat the hell out of my supervisor. I think a talk to my boss will be in order tomorrow. He scares the hell out of me, but it needs to be done. I can't live on $380 a week. It's just not possible.
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AND in other shitty news, the L Word Season Premiere was on last night at midnight, my friend JP told me he would record it for me on his DVD recorder (I couldnt stay up because I had work early), and when I came home to watch it this afternoon, I put the disc in the DVD player and it said BAD DISC.

So now that its finally back on after a year of waiting, I've missed the premiere and probably wont get to watch ANY of the series until I buy the DVD's, because of it being on so late at night. And considering the latest developments about my pay, I wont be getting the DVD's - or ANY DVD's for that matter - anytime soon.

The universe hates me. Hell, even I hate me right now. And I want to hurt everything. BADLY.

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