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*For the purpose of this entry being less confusing, Dave is my flatmate and David is the transguy*

So I ventured yesterday.

Hunter, Reid and I went into the Valley - or should I say the boys almost had to drag me, what with me hating buses and then almost being sick before I got to the dunnies at Ric's. I wasn't well at all. One of your mates was pretty spunky tho Hunter - the trannyboy that was wearing the red tshirt and the baseball cap I think it was? Anyways - totally spunky.

Simon's place was good, except I still wasn't feeling well and didnt want to throw up at his house so I didnt really move around a lot or whatever. I was pretty placid. And just to make the nausea worse than it already was - I was totally nervous about playing my songs for Simon. He's such a talented musician and I was a bit shy about it all. In the end he said he really liked and enjoyed my songs, but I was still nervous about them. Thats just me I guess.

I came home last night (care of Simon's marvellous driving skills) to find that the boys were going to the Glen. I waited up for a while coz they werent going for long. They rocked up home at 1am. They left home at 8. I was just getting to sleep when they got home, and Dave came and knocked on my window whispering "Jaaaaames...come out and plaaaaaay" while holding his glowing green Midori necklace up to make my window glow. What a champion. So anyways I ended up getting out of bed and partying with them until about half past 4. We all got out of bed about 2 this afternoon.

Now I'm having a conversation with David about sex...and with all this talk I'm becoming strangely aroused. No comment on that one.

My life is strange.
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Jye's been reading my LJ again. Hello, my boy :P

I had a great old chat to David tonight. We have way too many things in common. Hows this for something to have in common: We're both pathetic. But yeah Davo is a great guy to chat to.

Hunter I was thinking bout something. Since your coming to my party you'll need directions to my place wont you? :P I forget these things sometimes.

I need to start getting to sleep earlier, my whole timing is being thrown out of order. And David and Reid think I'm in love. That's NOT good.

*sigh* When does life get easier?
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I got the new Avril CD today!! I think that's funny considering it was only released at 9:00 this morning :P

But anyways I listened to it, and it's fuckin' amazing! No prizes for guessing who half the songs remind me of though lol.

Speaking of Jye, here's a couple of the messages i have received, just so everybody else thinks he's as sweet as I do :P

About 11:30 last night - "Miss u already" (He only went offline about 2 mins before he sent the message.)

19th May about 6:30 - "aww Jamesy my boy i wish i could make all ur worries disappear, if i could i would"

AWWW. Gotta love my boi. *Accusing stare directed at everyone* No, you can't have him, I want him all for my own lol.

I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy!
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Miss my Jye more each day. Between the talking every night online and the text messages all day (and sometimes at odd hours of the night) you'd think I'd be pretty contented. But no. I have to get all 'romance novel' and totally miss him for every spare second of the day.

I'm usually not the type to be like this about someone but I guess things change. I mean, if someone had told me 6 months ago that I would be head over heels for a GUY I would have laughed in their face. But just look at me. Everytime I talk about Jye apparently I turn into the faggiest trannyboy my friends have ever seen. Even Jye says so. Hmm, gunna have to stop that I think.

But he's just too cute. DAMMIT.
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Hmm okay, so I told my Year 11/12 English teacher that I fell hard for her within the first few months she was teaching me. Mind you I graduated last year so it's been almost 2 years since then. I told her in an email yesterday afternoon and had a reply by last night. Strangely enough she said it didnt freak her out and that frankly she was surprised I didnt say anything sooner. Go figure right?

Her and I were best of friends back when I was going to school. We would stay behind and talk for ages after class, then I'd walk her to her staffroom and drop her off safe and sound - to her boyfriend. She was the first to know I was trans, and the first to tell me it wasn't going to be easy but she would be behind me all the way. She was amazing.

Anyway after I got her email last night, I decided it was time I emailed her back again and said everything I always wanted to say but never thought I'd have the chance. I told her what I thought about her, how everything I did seemed more important when I was with her and how when she said she was proud of me it was the first time I really believed it. Corny I know - but all true. So anyways now I am playing the waiting game to see if she even has the guts to reply back and tell me what she thinks of it all. Hopefully she will, because it's a bitch not knowing, and even if it's bad news it's better than being left hanging like I am now.

And in other news, Reid's party was sweet as. Meeting all the boys was fantastic and for the first time in ages I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. Simon - he's a madman, gotta love him. Jim, Heath, Hunter - all total legends, I can't wait to see more of those guys. Paige - totally awesome sense of humour (Next time I'm bringing the salsa dip :P). Reid - he's a great guy, and so hilarious when he's drunk. And Jye - well, Jye knows he's my boy all the way. So all in all, great night, great people, great time.


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