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I just finished watching 'Fucking Amal' (aka 'Show Me Love') for the third time. It's a Swedish movie about two young girls living in a small town. Agnes doesn't have any friends and is constantly being teased at school, and has been in love with the popular girl, Elin, who drinks and parties with an older crowd. Agnes barely registers in Elin's mind, until the night she ends up going to Agnes' birthday party on a whim, and being dared to kiss her. From then on it's a struggle for her to come to terms with the fact that she has feelings for another girl.

Anyway, I saw this movie twice about 5 or 6 years ago, and at that stage my thought pattern ended at "Awesome! They're making out!". Watching it now, it means a lot more to me. Even though it was all in Swedish, having to read the subtitles didn't take away from the quality of the movie, and a lot of the time I felt that the subtitles weren't even entirely necessary. It was less about what was being said and more about the emotion behind it, and both of the actresses did an amazing job at conveying that. Especially my favourite of the two, Alexandra Dahlstrom. Look at the pretty:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What can I say? I have a thing for tomboys.

So anyway, if you're a fan of lesbians and foreign films (or even just lesbians - I don't normally like foreign films) then I would recommend Fucking Amal. It's beautiful.
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How much am I in love with the show Heroes?!

Oh yeah...*holds arms out as wide as they can go*


It's seriously awesome. AND...Hayden Panettiere! As a cheerleader!! Again!!! Also, I like Milo Ventimiglia a lot more in this show than I ever did in Gilmore Girls. Cause let's face it - in GG, I HATED HIM.

But no, seriously. WATCH IT.

I would also like to direct your attention to the PRETTY icon I made of Hayden as Claire -

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Woo. Mum and I went to the pub last night and won $2000. Excellent.

I'm not sure I like having my cousins baby around so much now. I'm getting too comfortable with the idea of having kids. Yesterday we took my cousin out to do some shopping for her birthday, so I pretty much looked after the baby for most of the day. I originally didn't want much to do with this kid for fear that I'd get used to it and actually want one of my own sooner than I could possibly have one. And now, I'm at the stage where I like holding her and feeding her and putting her to sleep. It's the cutest thing when she snuggles into me. But I don't want to think that. Yesterday, she was starting to cry when my mum was holding her, so I took her and she stopped right away. The girls at the hairdressers were giving me adoring (and somewhat annoying) 'awww, cute daddy' looks. Anyway, just something to think on.

Hmm. I think I've watched Fingersmith maybe 25 times now. I watch it before I go to bed, or if I'm really tired, just watch my favourite parts. God, how I love that film. If this isn't enough to make everyone think I'm insane, then how's this: I have audio clips from the film on my mp3 player that I listen to while I'm trying to fall asleep. The soft sounds of the words and the way Elaine and Sally say them, the cute accents...it just makes me feel...I don't really know what. Anyway, enough for now.
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Why didn't anybody tell me about the show "Ghost Squad"?!

Oh, that's right. It's an English show that barely anybody has ever heard of.

Anyway, I'm obsessing over Elaine Cassidy, and the way her gorgeous Irish accent leads me to believe that ordinary words like 'fuck', 'touched' and 'bugger off' were invented just so she could make them sound cute. Also, the sight of her in a police uniform (or the shower) is never a bad thing.

Elaine Cassidy played Maud Lilly in Fingersmith, which I am also obsessed with. I actually had my really homophobic aunt watching Fingersmith with me today and actually getting into it. Watching the lesbian sex scenes with her was a bit of a struggle, but we managed. I think this is about the 10th time I've seen it...probably closer to the 15th.

Anyhow, Ghost Squad looks pretty cool. I've almost finished watching the first episode, but I'm getting so overly excited about it that I needed to take a break. When it comes to cute women with accents, I get giddy. It's insane. I'M insane.

It's awesome.
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I just finished watching the 2nd episode of season 2 of South of Nowhere. OK. So, Ashley was a bitch for a great deal of the episode (only to Kyla and Aiden, not to Spencer), but there was a kiss that totally made up for it. Seriously, that kiss should have its own spin-off. It was Teh Cute. So, I'm totally grateful to the people who keep putting the episodes up on the Spencer & Ashley forum so soon after they air. I thought I was going to have to wait another few months until I could download them, but thanks to the wonderful folks over at the forum, there's no need for that.

Aside from that (I know this is like the third post today but whatever) I've decided to recap the icons I have made so far. There are only 20 so I put them all together. 5 of them were actually animated, but I just used the first image in the sequence for the collage.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have actually made 2 more, a Chad Michael Murray icon for my sister (it says 'The Chad' hehe) and a Mary Kate Olsen one for my brothers fiance, but I don't have copies of those. Wish I had a copy of the Chad one though, for some reason the way I designed it reminds me of an old blue Cadillac. But anyway.

I'm tired and I wanna go to sleep.
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What can I say? I got bored :-)

Theirs is a story of forbidden love.

Katherine Hartford (Jodie Foster, Flight Plan) is a 29-year-old Lawyer, whose caseload is almost solely comprised of pedophiles and child molesters. But when she meets Jessica (Kristen Stewart, The Safety of Objects, Catch That Kid), a 15-year-old girl with a passion for law and older women, she is forced to rethink her career and the way she views her clients. As she falls fast and hard for Jess, Katherine must decide which is more important: work or love.

Not coming to any cinemas anywhere near you ever, the heartwarming tale 'Lesbian Pedophile: A Love Story'.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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I just finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. And I watched the film with my mum for about the 8th time last night.

Like most other novels-turned-film, there were a lot of things that were left out of the movie, and some parts of the story were completely different. Ages, timelines, the way certain events took place, who was there when different things happened. Anyway, I was impressed by the novel nonetheless. It made me feel happy when they were happy, sad when they were sad, and nervous as a schoolboy with a crush during any Idgie/Ruth moments. That ability to invoke emotion is definitely one of the most important things I look for in a book, and this one most certainly delivered.

I'm still pushing through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, but next on my reading list just has to be Fingersmith. I watched it again the other night while my mum was playing around on the computer and by about 10 minutes in she had to come watch it with me. She was hooked. So I wouldn't mind reading the novel just to see what it's like. I'm sure I'll love it.

Also, I watched Catch That Kid on TV the other night and I was kind of impressed. It was a cool movie. Jennifer Beals is not entirely what I would call a great actor, but at least she didn't annoy me. And from this experience came Actress Crush #323545654745: Kristen Stewart.

Yes folks, I know she's only 16, but I only have the mentality of a 16 year old so it's ok. Promise. Plus, she plays a lot of tomboyish roles. It's cute. Look at the pretty...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And I made a shiny new icon out of it (and I also made the shiny Serenity one I'm using at this very second)...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The words aren't meant to be legible, but they say 'I got cute to spare - Kristen Stewart'. It isn't a quote from her, just something I thought about her when I was making the icon. 'Cause, hello?!

Anyway, I'm in the icon making mood now so this pedophile boy is off to make him some pretty new ones, featuring Miss Kristen.
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Note to self: Next time you shave, try not to miss anything.

Also, I saw Bring It On: All Or Nothing yesterday. Hayden Panettiere...*droooool*

It's really no wonder my first girlfriend was a cheerleader.
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Before anything else, I'd like to take a moment to express my utter amazement at HOW FUCKING STUPID THE CROWD CAN GET AT A CONCERT. There was pushing and shoving, it was a complete fucking sauna, people were packing in so tightly that many others couldn't breathe, and one girl even passed out from the heat. Seriously, 3 security guards had to pull her out of the pit. Hell, 2 songs from the end, I had to go get water to stop MYSELF from passing out, it was really that hot. The girls were good about it though, they told people to spread out, they were like "It's getting kinda warm up here...you guys must be so hot!". And after 2 fucking rad punk rock support acts, it smelled REALLY BAD. There was this gay guy in front of us who was all sweaty and disgusting and totally fangirling the second support group, Repeat Offender. Granted, they were good, but this guy was sweating like I've never seen anyone sweat before. Gross.

This is going to be huge (I'm commenting on EVERY SONG), with pics and all, so it's going under a cut. I suppose it could be summed up as OMGTHEVERONICASROCKIWANTTHEMTOHAVEMYLITTLEGAYBABIES. But please, have a read of my 'review' (read: masses of fanboyish comments and compliments all pointing to the Veronicas being completely and utterly nothing but awesome).

The Secret Life Of... )
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Just so you all know...Imagine Me & You is fucking awesome. Piper Perabo with an English accent is Teh Hotness and I really liked Lena Headey in this film. Not enough kissing/no nudity/no sex kinda sucked in my opinion, but overall the movie was sad/cute/sexy/tear-jerking in all the right places. It was cutesy. And I like the fact that it was one of the few lesbian films I have seen that have a happy ending.

Oh BTW. TONY HEAD is amazing as Piper Perabo's drunken father. They're an amazing cast. I'm happy to have seen this :-)

Also, John. I put a few more pics in my Photobucket albums. You should check it out.
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Here are the 3 latest icons I've made:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

I love me some Sean Maher. When he isn't making out with my girfriend that is. He needs to keep his creepy hands off my Jewel (as opposed to my Family Jewels...those he can touch if he wants to).

AND OMG - I wish I could go to the convention Elisabeth Rohm is going to be attending. Why, oh, why don't I live in the States?!
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I've been to the movies 3 times in 2 days now. Sunday night, Rick and I went out to dinner together and then went to see Narnia. I have never read the books or seen the original movie, but this movie was definitely incentive to do so. Needless to say I enjoyed it a great deal. Although I did keep Ricky in fits of laughter with my comments throughout the movie. I'm really bad for doing that.

So anyway, yesterday I got totally bored and had nothing better to do so I went to see Just Like Heaven (hello, total romantic-comedy whore here...). I really wanted to see Rumour Has It but that doesn't start showing here until Thursday. So anyway, JLH was a cute movie. I like Reese Witherspoon. She's a great actress. It was kind of sad in parts, but what's a happy ending when there's no sad beginning?

Right after I got out of JLH, I checked the other movie times and it turned out The Family Stone was playing 20 minutes later so I had a quick drink then went to see that. This movie I loved. My mum's going to want to see this one - she's totally in love with Dermot Mulroney. This movie had a great story line, a little predictable, but enjoyable all the same. Plus, there was a cute deaf gay guy named Thad (played by Tyrone Giordano), Rachel McAdams and Claire Danes. I mean, 2 hot girls and a cute guy...what more would I want?

The only thing I didn't like about this movie was Sarah Jessica Parker. The casting was good for the film but I personally don't like her as an actor and had a hard time getting past that. Anyway, the movie was great. There were also a lot of sad parts in this one, but they were definitely essential to the movie.

Hmm. ok, so I have to go back to work today. That sucks. I hope my new glasses arrive today before I go. I'm so impatient.

Oh, yeah, I bought the new Keith Urban and Jo Dee Messina albums the other day and I love them. I'm especially in love with Making Memories and Tonight I Wanna Cry by Keith, and It's Too Late To Worry and Who's Crying Now by Jo Dee. I'm such a sucker.

Anywho, I'm out, I need food and to finish the tea Haydn made for me.

All in all, I feel comfortable and happy. I hope everybody else is feeling as good as I do. Peace y'all.
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I finally saw it. HP4.

Now I feel like a dizzy ninth-grader with a schoolboy crush.

When Emma walked down those stairs and smiled, I couldn't breathe. She looked amazing. And while it is quite painfully obvious that she will never be interested in me, I'd have to be blind, deaf, dumb and crazy not to be completely and utterly in love with everything she is and everything she does.

Yes, I realise I am talking about an actress who lives halfway across the globe (or, with Hermione in mind, a fictional character), and someone who is quite possibly too young for me. But thats the strange thing about me - I just don't care.

You may think I'm insane, but at least I'm happy. And as long as Harry Potter is around I'll continue to be a happy little crazy man.

*sigh* If only she knew what she does to all the little boys...

Hermione at the Yule Ball

Is that not TEH CUTEST THING EVER?! John, back me up here buddy!
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I've just spent the last 9 hours watching Harry Potter, and playing with the special features. I think I did a pretty good job of understanding the plot considering the amount of times I missed hearing lines over my own murmurs of "Emma Watson is the most fuckable adorable girl I've ever seen!"

Goblet of Fire isn't out here until this coming Thursday, but since I work Thursday night I'm going to see it first thing Friday (I'm going to watch Domino on the same day, but thats another story for another post). I know I've blamed John for this sudden attack of Harry Potter madness, but I think it's about time I thank him. While I still hold my other fandoms (Buffy and Firefly/Serenity) very dear to me, I think I now have a new one to add.

So...thanks John, I'm glad you got me curious enough to watch it. I know it doesn't take much (just dangle a cute girl in front of my face and see how little time it takes me to want to see it), but still, I think you deserve the credit for this one.

It would be great if Emma Watson lived in Australia. Since legal age here is 16, it would certainly be less time for you (or me) to wait :-P

Anyway, it's time for bed, I have work tomorrow and I'm not going to be able to sleep with all these pictures of her running through my head.

Ellen Muth

Nov. 25th, 2005 12:35 pm
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I just bought the DVD 'The Truth About Jane', starring Ellen Muth. The words 'puppy love' come to mind. She's so cute! Therefore, she is my latest obsession. At least for a week or two. I'll be getting Season 1 of 'Dead Like Me' on Monday, which she also stars in, so I can marvel at her cuteness and say 'Awwww!' every 3 seconds. It's just one of my more quirky habits. But anyway, if anybody else is interested, check her out at this site:

My Latest Obsession - Ellen Muth

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I've been listening to country music...for 10 hours. I used to watch CMT on cable all the time in the late 90's and I've noticed that I much preferred all the music being brought out back then to the stuff being brought out now. Don't get me wrong, all the artists that were around back then are still bringing out great stuff, and probably will until they retire from their music careers, but most (not all, but MOST) of the new country music artists being released these days aren't bringing out more than one song that is anything worth listening to.

Let's go back to the old favourites - Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Clay Walker, Trisha Yearwood, Mindy Mcready, River Road (if anybody knows where I can find a copy of the song Nickajack, it would be most appreciated), Brooks and Dunn, Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban, Sherrie Austin, Terri Clark, Jo Dee Messina, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw (pre-Nelly)...

I mean, jeez, there were so many great artists out in the 90's, and while they're all still making great music, the next generation just sucks beyond the telling of it. It doesn't give die hard country fans much hope for the future. I write a lot of country songs, and the stuff I write is better than half the stuff they're publishing these days. It's ridiculous really, when an amateur can write and perform better than the vast majority of the people getting record deals.

It's a shame but it's true. The country music scene has been left to house the awkward lyrics and half-hearted melodies of todays country music, and I'll mourn the loss of the greats when they've been completely phased out by their raw, untalented successors.

Can you tell I'm passionate about country music?
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John, I totally blame you.

When the Harry Potter movie was first coming out, I vowed not to see it, purely because everybody else was SO IN LOVE with it. I wanted no part of that, but I buckled under pressure and watched the first movie. I loved it, and I hated the fact that I did. I refused to watch the next 2 when they came out and up until now I have stuck to that decision. But I got curious about Goblet of Fire after reading some of your posts involving Harry Potter. Then I went to see Flightplan last night and saw the Trailer for GoF. And now...

I am so TOTALLY DROOLING ALL OVER DANIEL Radcliffe AND EMMA Watson. (The 15 year old versions, not the 11 year old versions - although Daniel was still pretty cute at that stage...)

Ohhh, that accent...*drool*

So I'm giving in. I'm going to hire the first 3 and watch them back to back, then go and see the fourth in the cinema. I'm becoming a HP addict, and it's ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

By the way Johnny boy, my brother is staying with me until Saturday, then I have an old mate staying the rest of the weekend, so I don't know when I will get around to replying to your email yet. I feel like we're just getting into the headspace where we can finally start digging a little deeper into each other, so I don't want to make a rushed attempt at it. It might take a couple days, but I want to write something good for you buddy. It shouldn't take too long, I'll try to get something out to you after I get home from work tomorrow night.

Anyway, my hormones are going psycho - it's 2am and I'm horny as a bitch *cough*DanielandEmma*cough*. So I'm getting the hell out of here so I can go have a toss and get some sleep. Preferrably in that order :P

Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.
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Alright so its been a few days since I posted. I havent really got anything too interesting to report. I watched a movie called Dr. T & The Women yesterday. The only reason I bought it was coz I heard Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson make out. They kiss a couple times, and the movie's pretty good and everything, I just would have liked a little more girl on girl action in the mix :) Plus - big fan of both Kate and Liv.

In other news...I need to get the Gilmore Girls DVD box sets. Can't get them cheap in Australia, considering they were never released here so I can only get them on ebay. But within the next few weeks I'll get all the seasons that are out on DVD so far. As well as Tru Calling Seasons 1 and 2, Ellen Seasons 1 to 4, The L Word Season 2 (which we also won't be getting in Oz), all the Angel DVDs, Charmed...well, lets just say a lot of my money in the near future will be going to DVD box sets. I'm slightly obsessive about TV shows. It's sad really. In my house we own over 260 DVD's. And that's NOT including box sets. It's great seeing the looks on peoples faces when they walk into our house and the first thing they see is 8 DVD cabinets stacked up and full of DVDs. It's priceless.

Anyway yeah I'm going. I gotta get ready and go back to work to drop off some stuff to a workmate. He has a habit of lending me books and DVD's about lesbians, and the drawback of that is that I have to go up to work on my day off to give them back. Screw that. Anyway yeah. I'm out.
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Ok, so, John says no more posting once a month...so here I am.

It would probably help if I ever actually had something interesting to write in here, but my life is pretty boring. I work, I eat, I sleep. I don't live in America and therefore can't afford to come over for awesome conventions where you get to hang out playing basketball and watching movies with your favourite stars, while they ask you how to give oral sex to a girl or touch your happy trail or chest scars.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could afford that...

Well, I can't so I'll stop dreaming of being able to do that some day. So instead, I may just have to entertain you with some unusual thoughts. I've heard so many stars say "If you want something bad enough, you'll get it", when they're asked to give one piece of good advice. Now, what I'd like to know is this - where do you draw the line between wanting something really badly, and being obsessed with getting it? Is there even a difference? Is there a clear-cut way to tell?

Here's another thing. I've been obsessed with a lot of things in my life, and I would consider that 'wanting something bad enough'. I don't see Eliza Dushku anywhere in my house. I also don't see a record contract on my table waiting to be signed, or a hundred bucks in my wallet. So onto my next question - do stars really know what they're talking about? Do they really understand the reason they're stars? Are they just making up all the advice they give because it sounds inspiring to youngsters?

Either way, I still like them, even if they ARE lying weasels. I think thats the sign of a true fan. Or maybe just a truly idiotic fanboy. Guess I'll never know.

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