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Just got back from Brisbane, packing up all my stuff, bringing my DVD's/CD's home. I'm tired and cranky and just generally shot.

I have about $170 to last me until I a)get a job, or b)get my bond back from my old flatmates. DALLAS, if I can't come up with any money in the next 4 days, I won't be able to get back to Brisbane for the Panic! concert, and if that happens I'd like to send the ticket back to you so that you can at least enjoy the concert and let me know how it was. I was really looking forward to it and I'm trying to figure something out but please let me know your address just in case.
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Happy 20th Birthday [livejournal.com profile] jesteroffire.

Have a wonderful day, twin bro.
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I went to see Just Friends yesterday. GUH. AMY SMART. OMGSOCUTE. Aside from the fact that she is just awesome, it was a great movie. In some parts it was a little predictable, but I don't mind that so much. It was amusing, and had a hot chick. I was in heaven.

Worked a 12 hour day today. Working Monday through Wednesday, then Thursday i ride up to my parents place. Friday I get to go up to my old high school and hang out with my old Math teacher. It's always nice to see her. She misses me sometimes.

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