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Seven hours on a motorbike.

So. Damn. Tired.
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Umm, so I had an accident on my motorbike coming home from my parents place. I was taking a corner (I always slow down a fair bit on the corners anyway, so I was lucky), and there was a bigass rock in the road and I didn't see it in time. I hit it on the wrong angle and the bike slid from under me. I ripped up my jacket pretty bad, scratched up my helmet (I took a nasty knock to the head, but no real damage), and other than that I just got a lot of scrapes and bruises. Some on my back from where my jacket and shirt came up while i was sliding, a scrape on my arm from the mesh inside my jacket and a few cuts and bruises on my hands (I was wearing gloves but they were only half-finger). I also hurt my shoulder. The one that's been giving me trouble already. So anyway I'm off to the doc at about 3, just to get myself checked out and make sure everything is ok. There was only myself and a bus on the road when it happened, and the bus was in front of me and saw it happen, so they stopped to help me. I was kind of dazed so they sat me down to stop me from wandering back out onto the road.

But anyway, I shook it off, got back on the bike and rode 10km to the next town, then I went to the ambulance station to get checked over. The guy there fixed me up, bandaids and gauze pads, then I was back on my way. I rode another 100km or so, and stopped for a break, then when I started the bike back up I had no power to my speedo, trip meter, or indicators. My dad and brother ended up driving 4 hours out to get me and the bike, then driving me another 3 hours down to my place. Being in a roadhouse for 4 hours is boring, especially when you can't move around much. So anyway, I have today and probably tomorrow off work, I get my bike fixed up tomorrow (there was very little damage to it), and then I should be right. I just need to make sure my shoulder is going to be ok.

Uh. So. Yeah. I'm an idiot. And now I realise why I'm always so careful on the bike, because it really doesn't take a mistake on my part, or any other drivers on the road for that matter, for something bad to happen. I also understand why everyone gets so worried when I take trips on the bike. I'm ok though, and that's what matters right now.
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My sunburn was actually MORE painful today. I went out with my mum and sister and we had lunch with 2 of my old friends. They're coming around tonight just after midnight because they both had to work. I'm almost always up until the wee hours so thats fine by me. I've told them a little about John so now I'm apparently obligated to play them his parodies, and show them the opening to the tape he made me because they are curious to see what he looks/sounds like.

So after lunch I had my optometrist appointment, and my mum bought me a new pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses. I've never had the sunglasses before but they'll definitely come in handy for while I'm on the motorbike. Sun glare can be very dangerous on the bike. So anyway, I should have those sent out to me within a week, and I'm excited. I didn't have a lot of frames to choose from, but I got a couple I really liked. And Doug (my optometrist) was in a really good mood today and gave me my normal glasses cheaper than they should have been, AS WELL as giving me my sunglasses for just $60 MORE!! That's phenomenal. I love that guy. He smells nice too. No comment.

Well, I'm blistering pretty bad and it doesn't look like it'll be easing off too much in time for Christmas Day. I think maybe I WILL be getting drunk and passing out. Good times. It's a good thing I came to see my family because if it was anybody else I was going to see I would have been so pissed off about getting so badly burnt. But it's my family. They're taking care of me as best they can and they feel bad that I got like this coming to see them. I may be in an immense amount of pain, but, truth be told, I'd put up with that pain anyday if it was for my family. The consequence of having to deal with the pain is nothing compared to the payoff of getting to be with them for a while.

What can I say? That's love.
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Yay its christmas and I'm home with my family.

I got my eyebrow pierced which was awesome...it didnt hurt and when i move it around a bit it tickles. I'm just happy to be home. Tomorrow I'm going out to a farm at Turkey Beach to celebrate and get drunk. The people that own the farm are the parents of a girl my mum works with. My brother is trying to crack onto this chick which I think is a little unfair since I saw her first :P

I've become completely and utterly obsessed with the whole Buffy the vampire slayer series and now own seasons 1-6 on DVD box set. Now I just have to get season 7 box sets. I also bought a buffy calendar. I want to get the whole set of collector cards and fridge magnets and action figures and the games and anything else i can get my hands on related to buffy. And Eliza Dushku as per usual.

But yeah. I go to see Dr Linnane in February, working so often has prevented me seeing him sooner. My boss Simon is really good about it all and because I have no transport, he said he would drive me there himself.

Actually I lie. I do have transport. I just recently bought a Suzuki VL250 Classic motorbike, but since I havent learned to ride it yet, it isnt much help to me.

By the way, Anthony Stewart Head (Tony Head to some people) who plays Giles on Buffy, is a wicked awesome singer/guitarist/pianist. The man can belt it out. Go Tony.

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