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My new favourite word is *SQUEE-GASM*

And I bleached my hair again. I look like a Nazi. It's AWESOME.
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My sister has some COOL friends. Seriously, these girls dry-hump each other and pretend to make out on camera. Imagine what they'd do if the camera was OFF.

So anyway, as pedantic as I normally am about my hair, I'm trying to grow it a bit. I have to try really hard not to get annoyed and complain about it getting shaggy because it's my choice to try to do this, but I used to get my hair cut once a month so it's hard to get used to it being so scruffy.

Also, I'm probably going to dye it black. It's been black before, but that was when it was short. I'm sort of interested in trying out the whole emo thing - you know...without all the wrist-slitting and tight pants. Plus, my sister has a lot of hot friends who would totally dig me if I was emo. Whatever.
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I'm all blonde and stuff.

Friday night I got bored and decided it was time for a change. So my hair is now bleach blonde. I love it. Although, I do kinda look like a Nazi, which is a bit strange considering my Jewish identification and heritage.

I think every second week for the next few months I might get it cut, then dye it something different. Is this maybe the beginnings of a midlife crisis? (Since I don't foresee myself living too much past 40...)

And, if so, where can I get a really cheap red sports car?

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