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Sometimes I worry about myself.

I've realised in the last week or so that I have what a lot of people would call an unhealthy obsession with a few certain shows (namely Buffy, Gilmore Girls, Ally McBeal and Firefly), certain characters from these shows, and the actors/actresses who play these characters. It's getting to the point where I feel more emotionally attached to the people in these shows than to people in my life. It's one thing to cry over a series finale or a death in a show, it's another thing completely to fly into a rage (and almost break my knuckles punching a brick wall) over a character I don't like becoming personally involved with a favourite character, or to become deeply depressed for days if something bad happens to a favourite character on the show.

It's just starting to scare me that every second sentence out of my mouth is a film or TV quote, or some seemingly insignificant fact about a star nobody seems to care about as much as I do. I actually wonder if there's a name for this 'disease' and if there's a support group or something for it. That might sound kind of stupid, but it's something I find crossing my mind a lot, and in complete seriousness.

I also have a completely seperate concern with the state of my personal life. I seem to have crushes on girl after girl, with nothing in common with each other or myself. The only link I can find in any of these crushes (which is exactly what they are, since they don't last very long and I know that I'm not in love with these women) is that in some small way, each of them reminds me of Lisa (or Little Avril as I may have called her on LJ before). I know I loved her and I'd do almost anything to be with her, but the fact of the matter is that it's never going to happen and I fear that my obsessiveness over this situation is going to deeply affect my ability to maintain, or even start a relationship. All this on top of my trans issues pretty much puts a damper on my chances of being with anybody.

I'm the kind of person who needs to feel something, anything, in order to feel alive. Even if that means anger, or hatred, or sadness. Maybe that's where the TV shows come in - I know I can't be in a real relationship because of all these fears, but I still need to feel something, and the TV shows provide the stimuli for creating these emotions. It's no wonder I wanted to study psychology.

I've noticed I've become quite a bit more interested in openly gay celebrities, too. Some men, but lesbian actresses make up the majority. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have been of particular interest to me, and if anybody has any theories as to why I may be focusing so intently on this particular group of people, I would love to hear them. For me, it goes well beyond the "guys love lesbians" deal. It seems much deeper to me but I'm not sure why. Whenever I read about/hear about/see a loving lesbian relationship, I get a case of the warm and fuzzies. I find lesbian relationships to be among some of the more complex types of relationships, and I cant help that warm feeling that washes over me when I see a happy lesbian couple.

I don't know. Maybe I'm completely paranoid. Maybe I need professional help. Maybe I put too much thought into, or emphasis on, certain things. But for some reason, these three things seem to bother me quite a bit. I like to know why I feel the things I do, because I don't like feeling things without good reason - or at least without knowing whether or not there IS a reason.

Sometimes I just feel like a scared little boy who doesn't know who he is.

And I think that's the only feeling worse than being alone.
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So...I know its been bloody ages since I posted to my journal. I've been completely and utterly slack. But, I'm starting again now for a pretty good reason.

I started T shots (250mg Primoteston Depot fortnightly) almost a week ago, on the 25th of July. From now on, I'll be keeping my journal updated regularly, for thoughts and such, and also as a "Progress Journal" of sorts. I can't wait to start seeing changes. My flatmate came to my appointment for my first shot and got instructed on how to administer the shots. On Monday the 8th of August he'll be coming to my second appointment and giving me my shot under my docs supervision. From then on he will be giving my shots fortnightly. No mucking around getting to doctors surgeries and such. Just a quick yell down the hall. Too easy mate.

I'll be taking voice clips and such, pictures of myself getting hairy (hopefully), and down the track a bit further, probably surgery pics too. I'm excited, yet at the same time, dont feel any different. I thought I'd feel different somehow after getting my first shot, not physically different but just a feeling. I dont know, its early days yet. But when it comes down to it, I'm already much happier.

So there you have it. I'll be counting down the days until shot number 2.


On a slightly less happy note - a friend of mine was killed in a car accident the day before my birthday, I went home for the funeral and it was a very sad affair. I've never been to the funeral of someone I've really cared about before and it hurt more than I expected it would.

Other than that, I've been out of touch with Sarah, the english teacher I confessed my undying love for a year ago. We emailed each other a couple times over the death of my friend but she doesnt seem interested in knowing me anymore. Its a sad thing considering she was such a huge part of my life not even 2 years ago, and that she had such a big impact on my life and helped shape me into who I am. Now I'll never get to thank her for making me a stronger, happier, more caring boy. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now I just find myself listening to her favourite song, London Still by The Waifs, over and over again; learning it for her like I always said I would but never had the time to before.

Anyway, she's not the only girl I've been in love with and she sure wont be the last, I just need to find a way to put Sarah's memories in my past and leave them there. Along with those of Lisa Y. I know my limits, and these are 2 women who will never love me in quite the same way as I do them.

Just curious now, how did "I'm so happy, I just started T" turn into "I'm lonely and need a hug coz the girls I fall for never love me back"??
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It's 3am. I must be lonely.

In fact I kinda am...

I had a dream last night about the violinist I was totally into just before I moved to Brisbane. In the dream I went to her house and she was being really nice to me and spending time with me even though she had other guests over too. But I didnt want to make her other guests feel unwelcome so I left even though she didnt want me to go. Then I drove into this shopping complex, and when I got out of my car some guy beat me up and called me a fag and a sissy freak. I was bleeding and stuff so I got back into the car and drove back to her place. When I got there she was making out with a female friend of hers, but when she saw me standing there covered in blood she asked her friend to leave and she spent ages tending to me and bandaging me up...then nice things happened between us, even tho I was kinda sore.

It was a strange dream I know, but I guess I've been thinking about her a lot lately. Her and Lisa Y. But hey, why bother right? No chance that I will ever be with either of them, thats just how it goes.

OOOOh, I also just got a pup. He's a 4 month old Staffy X Rhodesian Ridgeback, and he is cute as hell, but totally not all there if you know what I mean. I named him Spike.

Anyway, its time to sleep. Later days.

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