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In October of last year I wrote an LJ entry that had a dream in it about a woman I work with, Jo. Well, I've had feelings for her for a while now, and even with the age gap (11 years is a big gap I know, but I really just don't care) I think I've fallen for this woman. There's a few problems with this potential scenario -

1. She has a 10 year old daughter. This may not seem like a big deal but if you think about it, I'm closer to being her daughters age than I am to being her age (I'm now 19 and she's just turned 30). Plus I used to be her daughters drum teacher - I think it would be a bit weird for her daughter to deal with although Caitlyn seems like one of the smartest 10 year olds I have ever met when it comes to relationships and judging a persons character.

2. She is in a long-distance relationship with a guy down in Sydney. For a start, I have been cheated on before and would never ask anybody to cheat on their partner to be with me. Second, this obviously means she isn't particularly interested in me in a relationship capacity.

3. Tomorrow is her last day at the company where I work.

I went to say goodbye to her tonight coz I wont be there to see her tomorrow and we ended up talking for an hour, her asking questions about my transtition, and still managing to be tactful and playful about the whole thing. She asked me if I have a girlfriend which I find a bit strange but I'm pretty sure nothing was intended by it. The biggest problem of all is the fact that every time I talk to her I fall in love all over again. She's just that kind of person. She's wild and crazy and up for a good time when the opportunity arises, but she is a mother before all else and she cares about her daughter deeply.

I know a lot of transguys I've met and talked to have already been in long term relationships or at least had a partner before starting to transition, and even though sometimes transition takes its toll on the relationship and may even be the breaking point of it, I would think that having someone to share the experience with would feel much better than going through it all on your own. I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that I feel mentally ready for a relationship but as soon as the physical side of things comes into question I just can't bring myself to go there. I'd really like a partner to share myself with through this process but the thought of being rejected in the first place because of my gender expression is enough to make me too shy to ask anyone out, not to mention the embarrassment over my body holding me back.

I consider myself a nice guy, and cute enough when it comes down to it. But I'm just too body-conscious.

Anyway, Jo gave me her phone number for when we get the house fixed up and we wanna have a get together or a barbeque or something. I told her me and the boys would invite her over sometime for a drink and a chat. I'm going to miss having her around at work though.

I wonder sometimes just how many straight or bisexual girls out there really do have a soft spot for trannyboys...?
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It's been a long time - more than 3 months - since I last posted. I've been lost without my computer, internet and cellphone. I'm so happy I have them back - not at their best, but back just the same. My computer is as slow as my grandmother on a Sunday afternoon, my internet loads pages so slowly that most of them time out before they are done, and my cellphone is about the size of a brick. But at least they are all working again.

Anyway - mad dream. This chick that I work with, Jo, is the cutest, sweetest, sexiest little thing ever. We just won't mention that she's 11 years older than me, right? Well, I had this dream about her last night. It involved her, a party, a bunch of gangsters and a bed surrounded by curtains. It's understandable that there were gangsters in it considering I was listening to Dykes on Mykes last night and they were talking to the leading ladies from the all-girl production of Reservoir Dogs coming up in Brissy. But anywho here's my dream - for those interested. )

In other news, I came out at work a while ago and now I am officially James to everyone there even though it's not on any official documents yet, and my bosses try their best to suit my work times around my appointments (if its necessary) which is cool. All of the staff think of me as one of the boys and that's how I'm treated. I'm lovin' it.

Also - if anyone listens to the Hot 30 Countdown with Higgo and Alexis on B105 - please note that Alexis is a major hottie. So are Nat and Davinia from Dykes on Mykes. Which reminds me, they were talking about Pride '05 last night and I can't wait for it. Finally 18 so I can go into the Beer tent with the other T-boys and be macho.

It's 3am, I must be lonely.

Ok...just a little bit lonely, mostly just tired coz I only finished night shift at midnight. (10 hour shift, 2pm - midnight, no breaks.) Plus this post is a lot longer than I intended it to be so I apologise. And for anybody I usually email, I'm sorry, I can't get into my hotmail coz the page won't load so once that's running again you will all be receiving lots of mail :D
Later dayz, y'all.

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