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Before I forget. I've had 2 fucked up dreams in the last few days.

The first involves Heather Locklear flagging me down to fix her mini-van. So I fix the van, she kisses me and I follow her back to her house (in a mini-van of my own) to 'play' for a while.

So whats the deal with all the mini-vans? And whats the deal with Heather Locklear being in my dreams? I usually like girls HALF my age, not TWICE my age...

But anyway, the second dream was weirder.

I was a rat. I was staying with a whole bunch of mice. One mouse invited me to stay for thanksgiving dinner (which is strange in itself considering we don't have thanksgiving in Australia), and so I stayed and the rest of the mice were pissed off at me because they didnt want me there.

So there you have it. Undeniable proof that I belong in the crazy house.

WUH DE MA, what the hell is wrong with me?!
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It's 3am. I must be lonely.

In fact I kinda am...

I had a dream last night about the violinist I was totally into just before I moved to Brisbane. In the dream I went to her house and she was being really nice to me and spending time with me even though she had other guests over too. But I didnt want to make her other guests feel unwelcome so I left even though she didnt want me to go. Then I drove into this shopping complex, and when I got out of my car some guy beat me up and called me a fag and a sissy freak. I was bleeding and stuff so I got back into the car and drove back to her place. When I got there she was making out with a female friend of hers, but when she saw me standing there covered in blood she asked her friend to leave and she spent ages tending to me and bandaging me up...then nice things happened between us, even tho I was kinda sore.

It was a strange dream I know, but I guess I've been thinking about her a lot lately. Her and Lisa Y. But hey, why bother right? No chance that I will ever be with either of them, thats just how it goes.

OOOOh, I also just got a pup. He's a 4 month old Staffy X Rhodesian Ridgeback, and he is cute as hell, but totally not all there if you know what I mean. I named him Spike.

Anyway, its time to sleep. Later days.
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It's been a long time - more than 3 months - since I last posted. I've been lost without my computer, internet and cellphone. I'm so happy I have them back - not at their best, but back just the same. My computer is as slow as my grandmother on a Sunday afternoon, my internet loads pages so slowly that most of them time out before they are done, and my cellphone is about the size of a brick. But at least they are all working again.

Anyway - mad dream. This chick that I work with, Jo, is the cutest, sweetest, sexiest little thing ever. We just won't mention that she's 11 years older than me, right? Well, I had this dream about her last night. It involved her, a party, a bunch of gangsters and a bed surrounded by curtains. It's understandable that there were gangsters in it considering I was listening to Dykes on Mykes last night and they were talking to the leading ladies from the all-girl production of Reservoir Dogs coming up in Brissy. But anywho here's my dream - for those interested. )

In other news, I came out at work a while ago and now I am officially James to everyone there even though it's not on any official documents yet, and my bosses try their best to suit my work times around my appointments (if its necessary) which is cool. All of the staff think of me as one of the boys and that's how I'm treated. I'm lovin' it.

Also - if anyone listens to the Hot 30 Countdown with Higgo and Alexis on B105 - please note that Alexis is a major hottie. So are Nat and Davinia from Dykes on Mykes. Which reminds me, they were talking about Pride '05 last night and I can't wait for it. Finally 18 so I can go into the Beer tent with the other T-boys and be macho.

It's 3am, I must be lonely.

Ok...just a little bit lonely, mostly just tired coz I only finished night shift at midnight. (10 hour shift, 2pm - midnight, no breaks.) Plus this post is a lot longer than I intended it to be so I apologise. And for anybody I usually email, I'm sorry, I can't get into my hotmail coz the page won't load so once that's running again you will all be receiving lots of mail :D
Later dayz, y'all.
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Ok so for all those prudes out there who don't like sex talk - I'm putting last night's dream (and my flatmates dream as well) under an LJ cut.

Our sweet dreams. )

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