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I paid $130 for a sealed box of serenity cards. It's been almost 2 weeks since I paid for them. If they aren't here today I'm not going to be happy, and if they're still not here tomorrow I'll be hitting up the seller about getting my $130 back on postal insurance and going somewhere else to get them. They should be here today anyway. I'm getting ahead of myself because I'm annoyed about not having my new toys to play with. Don't mind me.

In the last 3 days I've watched:

The first 2 episodes of Angel s1 three times each.
The 3rd episode of Angel s1 twice.
Episodes 4 - 14 of Angel s1 once each.

Trying to watch a show with Haydn is near impossible. The reason I saw the first 3 episodes so many times was because Haydn would make me wait for him so he could watch it too, then half way through the episode he would fall asleep. I would end up watching the whole episode 2 or 3 times just so that he could eventually make it to the end.

After episode 3 I told him I was just going to watch it by myself anyway. I'm sick of not being able to just watch something straight through.
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So I get home from work last night to find a note on our house whiteboard. Basically it was from one of my housemates, trying to claim that myself and the other guy I live with who also does night shift don't do anything around the house. Ok. Fair enough. I'm not the tidiest person here, but the sentence 'I know you guys work nights but thats no excuse for doing sweet fuck all' really has me riled.

Who is the guy always cleaning up after our other flatmates son? Putting away his table and chairs, and all his fucking toys that he leaves all over the gorram floor, cleaning his dishes that he leaves filled with disgusting mushy cereal? So I don't make a habit of doing the dishes, or cleaning the lounge room - if I actually ate here more often or left something in the lounge room they might actually have something to complain about.

I'm tired of being blamed for not cleaning the house. Well, news flash, I'm not cleaning anyone elses mess anymore if that's the way you bastards wanna play. Let's just see how annoying it is to find that there's still toys left out 3 days after Jay goes home, or to find that nobody's done the dishes since then and Jay's cereal is permanently fixing itself to the bowl he was using.

I'm half tempted to run the cable from my broadband modem into my room and set my computer up in there. I'd never come out unless it was to eat, shower or go to work. Let's see them complain about the mess I don't make then. Then I'd be accused of being anti-social, but I guess that's better than the accusation that I'm a dirty pig.

You know, the ironic thing about all this is that while he may clean the house, I don't like going in his room. It's so messy, I'm not even sure what dead things lie buried under everything in there, but whatever it is, the smell makes you almost pass out when you walk in. Maybe he should spend less time getting in other peoples faces about cleaning and actually do something about his room.

Fucking hypocrite.

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