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John, I'm sorry I wasn't online yesterday. I slept through my alarm and only woke up at the time I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LEAVING FOR WORK. I *should* be online today sometime, but I'm not certain. I might get to talk to you then. I am definitely replying to your email BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING. If I don't get to talk to you beforehand, I have Friday and Saturday off so I might get to talk to you sometime then. Well, Thursday/Friday for you.

Some of my favourite little snippets from the SUNDAY Q&A:

Jewel: I had a little blue elephant...a little stuffed elephant, with a nose, and then my mother has this little Yorkshire Terrier dog, and the dog made the elephant it's bitch...

Jonathan: I had a doll named Tom. [Insert random description of Tom]. And you could feed him, and he would pee...out of his little penis.

Jewel: [On the phone to her mother] Ok, I gotta go, I'll call you back when I'm drunk.

It's official, I'm going to make an icon of Jewel's butt.
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My con report is on it's way I swear. I'm writing it as we speak, but since it's hella long already and I'm not even finished talking about the VIP party, I may have to edit it before I post. It'll be up soon I promise.
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OK. Glory is officially a bitch.

Clare Kramer will be unable to attend the convention in Sydney (read: wants to piss me off because this is my first convention and I don't deserve to fully experience the joy of said convention). SO not happy about that.
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How fucking stupid. Our VIP party is not on the second night. It is on the night BEFORE the FIRST DAY. For people flying in after work on Friday, this would suck since they won't be there in time. I mean, I WILL be there on time, but still. How ridiculous.
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SO. Here's the good news. The L Word Season 2 just started airing here. AFTER WE WAITED OVER A FUCKING YEAR FOR IT.

Here's the bad news. I have APPARENTLY been getting overpaid for 3 WEEKS at work. Now I have to pay back almost $500. Also, I will no longer be on and average of $500 a week, but will now be earning an average of $380 a week. And in 2 weeks time when Matt and Rick move to Cairns, ONE THIRD of my weekly wage will be going towards rent. On top of that, I'm paying off a motorbike, a guitar and an amp, have to buy testosterone and food (T is much more important than food obviously), and try to save for chest surgery so maybe I'll be able to afford it - IN SIX YEARS.

And don't even get me started on how the hell I'm supposed to finance my convention in May now...

When I was told all this today, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to cry like a little bitch or beat the hell out of my supervisor. I think a talk to my boss will be in order tomorrow. He scares the hell out of me, but it needs to be done. I can't live on $380 a week. It's just not possible.
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SO. True to tradition, there was a fuck up with my passes for the convention. Well, that's not true. I have MY pass bought and paid for, but because the stupid whore that runs the damn convention can't read, they have only sold me ONE pass instead of TWO. So now I have to sort it out with that annoying woman, and if they have to invoice me for 2 separate passes, Haydn and I won't even be seated together.


You would think when someone writes "2 VIP Passes x $400 = $800" IT MEANS THEY WANT TWO FUCKING PASSES.

Dumbass bitches.
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Here are the 3 latest icons I've made:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

I love me some Sean Maher. When he isn't making out with my girfriend that is. He needs to keep his creepy hands off my Jewel (as opposed to my Family Jewels...those he can touch if he wants to).

AND OMG - I wish I could go to the convention Elisabeth Rohm is going to be attending. Why, oh, why don't I live in the States?!
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The tickets to Supanova, featuring Summer Glau of 'Serenity' fame, are $30 FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING WEEKEND. And while I AM working on the Sunday, I'm NOT working Friday or Saturday, and Summer is booked to appear on ALL 3 DAYS.

Who rules the world?

THAT'S RIGHT. I DO, BABY. And it feels SO. GOOD.
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Summer. Fucking. Glau. is going to be at Supanova in Brisbane near the end of April. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet so I'm really curious as to what it will cost. If it's cheap enough I'm going.

If not, I'll kill myself.

No wait, I cant do that, because then I wouldn't get to meet Jewel the week after. I'll just be really sad and cry like a little bitch. Yeah, that'll do.
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Jonathan Woodward just announced for the Hub Productions Con!


I get to meet Kaylee, Glory/Courtney, and Tracey/Knox/Holden. THAT MAKES ME MIGHTY.

Also, RD Price (Angel producer or some such thing) and Nicola Scott (comic book artist). But they're not QUITE as important as my favourite girls. And Jonathan.
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Oh yeah - I wonder when my Muggle-born T-shirt is going to turn up...

Hopefully soon. I'm totally going to wear that at the convention too. Hey, who says you can't fanboy for other fandoms while you're at a Buffy/Firefly con?

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