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I have Wednesday and Thursday nights off work to hang out with my bro while he's here. We're having an ex girlfriend of his over on Wednesday. I haven't seen her in years, but apparently she has only changed for the better, and I had a crush on her while he was dating her. I'm sure I won't still feel it, it was like 10 years ago, plus I feel really out of sync with all things dating at the moment. It's odd.

On Thursday or Friday we're going to go into the city. I'll probably stop by the Daily Planet and get some more Buffy Trading Cards, then we can go see a movie, and maybe finish with a visit to Borders to get the Harry Potter books and then Starbucks.

Starbucks? Oh no. The council fears I am becoming too...American.

Boo hoo.

Also, I have to vent here. I totally hate when you email someone, including questions and such (therefore implying you wish the person to respond), and they just don't bother replying. That really gets on my nerves. If you're taking the time to email someone *cough*OldMathTeacherAndNowGoodFriend*cough* you obviously care enough to bother. Yet they can't be bothered to take 10 minutes (Read: A good solid hour) out of their day to say a simple 'Hey, how are you?' (Read: To tell me every little detail of their life in the past week, coz I'm the kind of person who wants to know).


OOH. And I finally administered my very first shot on myself yesterday. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. Guess I can keep doing it myself now :) Yay. No more getting my flatmate to look at my arse. Poor bastard.

Anyway, getting ready for work now so I'm going to make like my personality and split. Or make like a lettuce and head. Or make like a tom and cruise. Whatever.

Later days.
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John, I totally blame you.

When the Harry Potter movie was first coming out, I vowed not to see it, purely because everybody else was SO IN LOVE with it. I wanted no part of that, but I buckled under pressure and watched the first movie. I loved it, and I hated the fact that I did. I refused to watch the next 2 when they came out and up until now I have stuck to that decision. But I got curious about Goblet of Fire after reading some of your posts involving Harry Potter. Then I went to see Flightplan last night and saw the Trailer for GoF. And now...

I am so TOTALLY DROOLING ALL OVER DANIEL Radcliffe AND EMMA Watson. (The 15 year old versions, not the 11 year old versions - although Daniel was still pretty cute at that stage...)

Ohhh, that accent...*drool*

So I'm giving in. I'm going to hire the first 3 and watch them back to back, then go and see the fourth in the cinema. I'm becoming a HP addict, and it's ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

By the way Johnny boy, my brother is staying with me until Saturday, then I have an old mate staying the rest of the weekend, so I don't know when I will get around to replying to your email yet. I feel like we're just getting into the headspace where we can finally start digging a little deeper into each other, so I don't want to make a rushed attempt at it. It might take a couple days, but I want to write something good for you buddy. It shouldn't take too long, I'll try to get something out to you after I get home from work tomorrow night.

Anyway, my hormones are going psycho - it's 2am and I'm horny as a bitch *cough*DanielandEmma*cough*. So I'm getting the hell out of here so I can go have a toss and get some sleep. Preferrably in that order :P

Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.
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