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Legend of the Seeker is a mighty awesome show.

So I wrote a song about it.

If you'd like to take a listen, you can download it here.

Lyrics under the cut.


Legend of the seeker is a mighty awesome show
And just like Whedon's 'Firefly', its hard to let it go
So I'd like to list the reasons why I love it like I do
And hopefully you'll get to love it too

First of all there's Richard, he's a pretty handsome guy
He's modest and heroic and his pants are kinda tight
When he whips out his sword of truth, brings evil to its knees
He'll stand and fight to keep the people free

Darken Rahl's the villain that you just can't help but love
His accent's kinda sexy and his grin is kinda smug
He's well dressed for a dead guy, always lit in fiery green
The hottest baneling that the world has ever seen

Zeddicus Zorander is a wizard through and through
He's handy with his wizards fire and knows a spell or two
He's always at the ready for whatever Richard needs
You never know what tricks are up his giant sleeves

Now Cara's quite the fighter, she can break the strongest men
She makes out with girls and she's been known to bed them when she can
Her leather scares the children but I'm sure you would agree
That it's what's underneath that we all want to see (I'm talking about her personality of course!)

Best of all there's kahlan, she's my favourite by far
She's been split in two, confessed herself, been kidnapped by a gar
Confessor's dress or leather, doesn't matter what she wears
Nothing's hotter than her epic battle hair

I know that it looks bad right now, but don't you all forget
That our hope has a warrior and we'll save our seeker yet

There's sword fights on dark nights and bonding by firelight
And leather and corsets and hot chicks on horses
There's wizards and banelings and gars and time-travelling
Han-stealing ninjas, Mord'sith with 12 inches

I love my Cara/Kahlan OTP
And my Cara/Kahlan/Richard OT3

Seeker is the greatest show I think the world will ever know
We need another season and these are my top 16 reasons


Please enjoy! And if you like it, share it around!

(And a big thankyou to [livejournal.com profile] jarrow for putting me out of my misery with that line that just wasn't happening :P)
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